Syllabi of


The GU Four-Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUGP)

GU-FYUGP Degrees

The GU-FYUGP will offer two two types of Bachelor's degree :

Bachelor's Degree in a Stream

The Bachelor's Degree in a Stream includes Bachelor's of Arts and Bachelor's of Science degrees. These degrees will be offered across 39 different subjects. Students can choose to mix the subjects for their Major and Minors subjects from all streams subject to prerequisites and other stiplulated requirements and conditions.

Bachelor's Degree in a Discipline

The Bachelor's Degree in a Discsiplines includes the Standalone Degrees. This degrees DO NOT have Majors and Minors except Commerce. Student opting for these degrees CANNOT  choose subjects from other streams. 

These degrees also include Bachelor's Degree in Vocation, which includes 22 disciplines.

The disciplines are:

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